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CHI2004 welcomes the press to visit the conference and meet and interview leading figures in HCI and our broad community. Press Badges admit working media, free of charge, to all exhibits, keynotes, conference sessions, special events, and press-only events on a space available basis.

To attend CHI2004 as a member of the press, you must pre-register by sending the information below to Please note: Advertising, Sales, Marketing, and other non-Editorial personnel will not be provided with a press credential.

Press Credential Requirements
All applicants MUST submit one of the following by email or fax:

  • A bylined article written by you, on your publication's masthead, and published within the last 6 months.
  • A letter from your editor, on your media outlet's stationery, stating that you are assigned to cover CHI2004.

Provide full contact information:

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How did you learn about CHI2004?

What areas are you interested in reporting on at CHI2004?

Please include links to, or clips from, related articles you have written.

Please email your credentials to or fax to:

Press Manager
CHI2004 Media Relations
Tel +1 650-738-1200
Fax +1 650-738-1280


We will review your credentials and send you notification of your registration status within two weeks of receiving your completed credential information.

For more information about CHI2004 or the field of Human-Computer Interaction, please contact the CHI2004 Press Manager at


24 March 2004. Interaction Technologies Connect and Enhance Lives, CHI2004, 24-29 April, Vienna
New York, NY/Vienna, Austria (24 March 2004) -- Interaction technologies have the potential to enhance people's lives, work and play. This year's conference on computer-human interaction offers over 200 presentations that examine connections made through applications of computing technology in various domains.

1 March 2004. Sony and IDEO Leaders Examine Future User Interface Connections at CHI2004, Vienna, Austria, 24-29 April
New York, NY/Vienna, Austria (1 March 2004) -- "As the wave of ubiquitous computing is rapidly penetrating our everyday lives, the focus of human computer interactions is also shifting from simply improving individual "boxes" to enhancing more connected activities and communications" says Jun Rekimoto, Director of the Interaction Laboratory at Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. MORE INFO

26 Febrary 2004. People | Technology | The Future
Do you want to know what it will be like to interact with computers 5, 10 or even 15 years from now? If so, come to CHI2004 in Vienna, Austria to CONNECT with the most prominent leaders, researchers and designers creating the future of technology. Join researchers and practitioners from companies like Sony, Microsoft, Nokia and SAP with students and educators from institutions like Aarhus, Cambridge and Carnegie Mellon to meet at CHI2004 to explore and shape the future of human-computer interaction. MORE INFO

25 Febrary 2004. Science > Art > Craft
CONNECTing and interacting with technology has become an integral part of our world -- yet not all technologies are usable. CHI2004 presents an opportunity for you to explore and exchange ideas with many of the premier designers and researchers of interactive technologies. This year's conference offers 31 full and half-day tutorials focused on ways to improve interaction. MORE INFO

23 February 2004. Conference Tutorials Provide Ways to Connect, Interact and Shape Future at CHI2004, 24-29 April, Vienna, Austria
New York, NY/Vienna, Austria (23 February 2004) -- Do you want to know what it will be like to interact with computers 5, 10 or even 15 years from now? If so, come to CHI2004 in Vienna, Austria to CONNECT with the most prominent leaders, researchers and designers creating the future of technology. MORE INFO

22 February 2004. Users + Computers + Robots + Fun
Do you want to know what it will be like to interact with robots? If so, come to CHI2004 in Vienna, Austria to CONNECT with prominent leaders, researchers and designers creating the future of Human-Computer Interaction. Robotics and Transport is a special focus area for this year's conference. You can attend tutorials, workshops, panels, paper sessions and demonstrations to learn about the state of the art in robots. MORE INFO

21 February 2004. Product | Interface : Design | Research
In the new economy of online commerce and ubiquitous computing, the fate of many companies will depend on a factor most have little experience with usability and interaction design. The ability to CONNECT through human-computer interaction is vital for success in this economy. Usability and interaction design are now core competencies in the new networked information economy. The ability to CONNECT in this area will determine whether companies thrive, merely survive, or disappear. MORE INFO


The following images are provided for publicity purposes only. The CHI2004 logo, its variations, and conference artwork are the property of the Association for Computing Machinery. All rights reserved.

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